Joe Newell

2018-2019 会長のメッセージ

タッカーテクニック: 全てにおいてエクセレントを期待せよ








歯科医師 ジョセフ・ニューエル

Joe Newell

“The Tucker Technique: Expect Excellence”

Welcome to the Academy of Richard V Tucker Study clubs.  The Academy consists of 75 independently operating, clinical study clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Each study club consists of approximately 12 members and a mentor. The mentor ensures that the study club session adheres to the Tucker technique.  Each session is divided into a clinical component and  a critique. That’s right! Your dentistry is examined and judged by your peers!  It’s the only way to learn!


If you desire to increase your clinical skills, you may want to consider joining the Tucker Academy.  Each study club is mentored by an exceptional practitioner who teaches excellence in Operative Dentistry.  Cast gold restorations, which are still considered the finest dental restorations, are used as a teaching tool. You will be taught how to prepare, deliver, finish and polish these restorations to their highest level.

This program will not only make you more proficient in cast gold, but it will also improve all of your dentistry.  This has been shown time and again.


If you’re looking for an outstanding clinical dentist, you should consider finding a “Tucker Dentist.”

The Tucker Academy training program is intense and demanding.  Dentists who participate develop outstanding skills.  I would advise taking the extra effort to seek out one of our dentists for your dental care.  See our Members List for a Tucker dentist in your area.

Dr. Joseph F. Newell

President, ARVTSC


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