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2023年9月 29日 (金) ~ 10月2日 (月)




登録費 事前登録:6月20日まで 通常登録:6月21日以降
全て参加 JPY 160,000 JPY 185,000
講習・実習の見学のみ JPY 30,000 JPY 40,000
家族(講習・実習見学以外) JPY 100,000 JPY 120,000
12歳までの子供 JPY 60,000 JPY 70,000



  • 宮崎 真至 先生 (接着修復)
  • マイク・トーマス 先生 (ゴールド修復)
  • ウィリアム・リアン 先生 (インプラント)


  • リチャード・タッカー 先生 Jr.


  • 山崎 長郎 先生




R.V. Tucker the Annual Meeting 2023 Tokyo (tucker2023tokyo.net)

Dr. Hugo Ciaburro

2019-2020 会長のメッセージ









歯科医師 ヒューゴ・シアブロ, 理系修士, Royal College of Dentists of Canada

日本語訳:清水 雄一郎


Welcome to the website of the Academy of Richard V. Tucker Study Clubs.

This website is meant to be a source of information not only for members, but also for dentists interested in learning more about this fabulous restorative technique, as well as for patients curious to learn about some of the longest-lasting dental restorations currently available.

The use of gold to restore teeth goes back many thousands of years. For more than a century in our western society, gold dental restorations have always been considered the ultimate reference in terms of quality, longevity and comfort. More than ever, gold restorations are still one of the best restoration available today!

Dr. Richard V. Tucker dedicated his exceptional career to re-thinking the techniques used to create fine gold work, bringing it to an unmatched level. The quality of his dental work was outstanding, as is the work of dentists today who commit themselves in providing this kind of dental restoration.

This Academy brings together several hundred dentists grouped into dozens of study clubs, primarily in the U.S.A. and Canada, but also in Europe and Japan, who are committed to providing outstanding dental restorations for their patients.

Feel free to browse this website, to find out about who we are, what we teach and what type of dental work we are proud to provide to our patients. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Academy’s Officers or directly one of the members from your region.

Welcome again and thank you for your interest.

Hugo Ciaburro, D.M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.D.(c)


Joe Newell

2018-2019 会長のメッセージ

タッカーテクニック: 全てにおいてエクセレントを期待せよ








歯科医師 ジョセフ・ニューエル

Joe Newell

“The Tucker Technique: Expect Excellence”

Welcome to the Academy of Richard V Tucker Study clubs.  The Academy consists of 75 independently operating, clinical study clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Each study club consists of approximately 12 members and a mentor. The mentor ensures that the study club session adheres to the Tucker technique.  Each session is divided into a clinical component and  a critique. That’s right! Your dentistry is examined and judged by your peers!  It’s the only way to learn!


If you desire to increase your clinical skills, you may want to consider joining the Tucker Academy.  Each study club is mentored by an exceptional practitioner who teaches excellence in Operative Dentistry.  Cast gold restorations, which are still considered the finest dental restorations, are used as a teaching tool. You will be taught how to prepare, deliver, finish and polish these restorations to their highest level.

This program will not only make you more proficient in cast gold, but it will also improve all of your dentistry.  This has been shown time and again.


If you’re looking for an outstanding clinical dentist, you should consider finding a “Tucker Dentist.”

The Tucker Academy training program is intense and demanding.  Dentists who participate develop outstanding skills.  I would advise taking the extra effort to seek out one of our dentists for your dental care.  See our Members List for a Tucker dentist in your area.

Dr. Joseph F. Newell

President, ARVTSC


Dr. Al LaPorta

2017-2018 会長のメッセージ









歯科医師 アルフレッド・ラ・ポルタDr. Al LaPorta

“The Tucker Technique: Expect Excellence”

Welcome to the Academy of Richard V Tucker Study clubs. The Academy consists of 75 independently operating, clinical study clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Each study club consists of approximately 12 members and a mentor. The mentor ensures that the study club session adheres to the Tucker technique. Each session is divided into a clinical component and a critique. That’s right! Your dentistry is examined and judged by your peers! It’s the only way to learn!

Better stated:

“The Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs has been defined by the vision and life of Dr. Richard V. Tucker whose ideas and example transcend time.

Our mission is to elevate and sustain the professional character and education of operative dentists through the formation of operating study clubs to include both a clinical and didactic component; to encourage innovation and demonstrate clinical excellence during study club, mentoring, annual meetings and in every day practice; to advance the Tucker technique of precise cast and direct gold as our preferred method of restoration and to consider other restorative materials which may provide appropriate, life long restorations; and to provide an opportunity to nurture and educate the next generation of dentists with humility and grace.”

If you are uncertain on what the Tucker Technique is all about, please make every effort to contact a study club operating in your geographic location (http://www.arvtsc.org/index.php?id=20).

I invite you to change, to learn, to excel, and to challenge your ability. Join a study club and become an advocate for your patients, for your profession, and for yourself. In Dr. Tucker’s own words: “It’s not what you think that counts; it’s not what you believe that counts; it’s not what you say that counts; it’s what you do that counts. Just do it!

Alfred LaPorta, DDS

2016-2017 会長のメッセージ





歯科医師 アラン・チン


The Academy consists of an international group of clinical study clubs supervised by experienced mentors.

Dr. Richard V. Tucker, the founder of the Academy, developed concepts and techniques to restore teeth using conservative cast gold restorations. The goal of the Academy is to facilitate the learning of the Tucker technique through a study club setting.

We invite you to attend the Tucker Institute at the University of Washington in Seattle for a one week course on cast gold restorations. Another way to learn about the Tucker technique is to contact a member and attend a study club meeting. We would be honored if you would consider joining a Tucker study club to explore conservative cast gold restorations as a long lasting high quality solution for your patients. The path to learning the Tucker technique is very rewarding. It is an invaluable opportunity to enhance your diagnostic and clinical skills by promoting the methods developed by Dr. Tucker, to broaden your professional network, and to share camaraderie of fellow club members.

Please browse the website for additional information on the Academy, study clubs, and future events.

Dr. Alan Chinn

President, ARVTSC










歯科医師 キャロル・クリンゲンスミス


Dr. Tucker passed away
January 12th 2016

Today we mourn the loss of our esteemed founder, mentor and friend, Dr. Richard V. Tucker.

Dr. Tucker’s friends and colleagues from around the world will remember him as a dedicated clinician whose research and creativity in the realm of cast gold techniques provided a model of clinical excellence. His dedication to the principle of providing long-lived, beautiful dental work for our patients inspires us to pursue the rigorous and rewarding relationship of student and mentor in the study club setting.

We will miss, most of all, the kindness and humility Dr. Tucker brought to all of his relationships and we rejoice in the legacy he leaves us.

Thank you, Dr. Tucker, for the many gifts you have given us. Thank you, you will live in all of us forever.

Dr. Carol Klingensmith, DMD
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.