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歯科医師 アルフレッド・ラ・ポルタDr. Al LaPorta

“The Tucker Technique: Expect Excellence”

Welcome to the Academy of Richard V Tucker Study clubs. The Academy consists of 75 independently operating, clinical study clubs throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Each study club consists of approximately 12 members and a mentor. The mentor ensures that the study club session adheres to the Tucker technique. Each session is divided into a clinical component and a critique. That’s right! Your dentistry is examined and judged by your peers! It’s the only way to learn!

Better stated:

“The Academy of RV Tucker Study Clubs has been defined by the vision and life of Dr. Richard V. Tucker whose ideas and example transcend time.

Our mission is to elevate and sustain the professional character and education of operative dentists through the formation of operating study clubs to include both a clinical and didactic component; to encourage innovation and demonstrate clinical excellence during study club, mentoring, annual meetings and in every day practice; to advance the Tucker technique of precise cast and direct gold as our preferred method of restoration and to consider other restorative materials which may provide appropriate, life long restorations; and to provide an opportunity to nurture and educate the next generation of dentists with humility and grace.”

If you are uncertain on what the Tucker Technique is all about, please make every effort to contact a study club operating in your geographic location (http://www.arvtsc.org/index.php?id=20).

I invite you to change, to learn, to excel, and to challenge your ability. Join a study club and become an advocate for your patients, for your profession, and for yourself. In Dr. Tucker’s own words: “It’s not what you think that counts; it’s not what you believe that counts; it’s not what you say that counts; it’s what you do that counts. Just do it!

Alfred LaPorta, DDS

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